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Sharing her genetic research work before transitioning to a VOCSN ventilator. 

About Loa

Hello, my name is Loa and I have always had a love of clothes, fashion, and shoes, especially boots. Eighteen years ago, while on a family vacation, I was injured in a rollover car accident that left me a ventilator dependent quadriplegic. Regardless of the changes in my life, my love of fashion has remained.

I have had to learn how to modify my wardrobe choices in order to circumnavigate the challenges associated with paralysis; however, since I have refused to allow my accident to change the essence of who I am this has provided an excellent excuse for shopping. Another positive in all of this is that I have amassed a boot collection which has never been walked on, and therefore, always remains in perfect condition.

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Keeping healthy counts. Using an electrical simulation bike with her mobile VOCSN ventilator by her side. 

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Sharing loving support to children  

Following my accident, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in history and a Bachelor of Science in physiology. I have found purpose and joy serving as the VOCSN ambassador. VOCSN is the world's only multifunction ventilator, created by the incredible team at Ventec Life Systems, which through its innovative design is improving the quality of life for those who are ventilator dependent. I am profoundly thankful for all of the opportunities I have had, and I attempt to make the most out of everything life has given me. To hear more about my life and adventures check out my blog at:

Introducing Loa Griesbach, Pelle Moda’s Oct. Inspirational Woman Wearing our YALE bootie.  

Loa wearing our Hudson open toe stretch bootie with easy access side zip.